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    Contribution to a group exhibition at Van Abbe Museum — In Poland, David Bowie Was A Woman, which presents an inquiry into designing post-post-Soviet identity. Eight young artists and graphic designers, who grew up in Eastern Europe but now live in the West, present posters based on their own individual experiences, depicting their contemporary identities.

    I see being a migrant from a post-Soviet environment in Western Europe as being, metaphorically, a tumbleweed. Usually there is a reason why you left your country in the first place, and after residing abroad for a certain period of time, when visiting homeland you feel like a tourist in your own city, alienated and unfamiliar with current ways of living. At the same time, while being integrated in the West, you are still always aware that you are and will always be a stranger, whose childhood friends and family are hundreds of kilometres away, and longing for certain bits of mentality and culture that you cannot find here. It feels as if you are a plant with no roots, in constant search for home, tumbling through the world, belonging everywhere and at the same time nowhere in particular.